Shooting The Stand-In (2010)

Photos from the Set of “The Stand-In” (Sept. 2010)

Land/Country: USA (2010)
Director: Ricky Lloyd George
Produced by: Ricky Lloyd George and Edward Coke-Steel
Writer: Ricky Lloyd George and Doug Fischer
Genre: Tragi-Comedy
Release Date: 26. October 2011
Starring: Nathan Moore, Rudolf Martin, Steven Brand, Justine Eyre, Jason Stuart, Bruce Burns, Scott MacArthur, Braxton Davis, Tiz McWilliams, Peter Cameron, Bonnie Bower, Jon Huck

Rudolf stars as Jan De Groot:
Jan is the stylish, talented, Megalomaniac Director.
He is a Dutch filmmaker who came to Hollywood to continue making his celebrated art house films, but has ended up directing large budget movies for the money. He is brilliant and he knows it. He often thinks faster than everyone around him, and gets frustrated while he waits for everyone to catch up. He has a commanding, volatile presence on set, and often has the appearance of a suffering artiste. He has a strong emotional radar, can feel other people’s emotions out very quickly, and hence knows how to manipulate people. He will do whatever is necessary to improve his films. Although he is fluent in English, one of his distinct mannerisms is his unintended garbling of the English language, since he isn’t speaking in his native tongue.
Todd is the mild-mannered stand-in on the big budget Hollywood film, ‘Devils May Care,’ directed by the brilliant Dutch auteur, Jan De Groot. When Humphrey Russell, the enigmatic but volatile British star, leaves the set in a huff, production is forced to use Todd for a few simple shots, which puts Todd in the spotlight. Gradually he proves himself, and this could turn out to be Todd’s lucky day…


Thank you, Ricky! For the information, the photos and the permission to show it here!