SC Sliders (1999)

“Roads Taken” – Season 4 Episode 21
German Title: “Sliders-Das Tor in eine fremde Dimension
German Episode Title: “Blick in die Zukunft
Director: Jerry O’Connell Writings: Tracy Tormé (creator), Robert K. Weiss (creator),
Bill Dial (teleplay), Marc Scott Zicree (story)
Country: USA (1999)
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure | Fantasy
Release Date: USA 16 Apr 1999
Release Date Germany::

Filming Location:

Plot: An unusual slide forces Quinn ( Jerry O’Connell) and Maggie (Kari Wuhrer) to prematurely age, and it’s up to Rembrandt ( Cleavant Derricks) to find a cure before they are destroyed by…

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