SC Cafè Babel (1995)

Director: Juan Dapena
Writer: Juan Dapena (screenplay) / Javier Mazoy (story)
Country: USA (1995)
Genre: Drama / Short Movie
Release Date: Brazil 1995 (Sao Paulo Film Festival)
Filming Location: New York City

Plot: In 1926, we enter a small Parisian café which lies hidden in a cul-de-sac down in Montparnasse. As we glide behind the door, we glance voyeuristically at the eccentric life of its regulars. Through the eyes of the establishment’s barman –a chronic kleptomaniac– we witness the dreams, aspirations, and disillusionments of the Parisian avant-garde. Behind the curtains of smoke, passion, tenderness and hate perform every night at Café Babel — the place where one escapes to forget… or to be forgotten. (Source: IMDb)

Rudolf is the Lover.

Screenshots courtesy from director Juan Dapena himself. Thanks, Juan!