SC Enterprise (2002)

“Two Days and Two Nights – Season 1, Episode 25
German Episode Title: “Zwei Tage auf Risa Director: Michael Dorn
Writings: Gene Roddenberry (creator “Star Trek’),Rick Berman (creator) &
Brannon Braga (creator),Chris Black (teleplay), Rick Berman (story) & Brannon Braga (story) –
Country: USA (2002)
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Release Date: USA 15 May 2002
Release Date Germany: 30 August 2003
Filming Location: Century Fox Studios – Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA

Rudolf is Ravis.

Plot: After several delays, the Enterprise crew gets some well-deserved shore leave on the famed pleasure planet Risa Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed eagerly seek out female companionship, only to fall into a tourist trap. Captain Archer meets and attractive female who seems to be more interested in his knowledge of the Suliban than his companionship. Hoshi Sato meets a fellow vacationer and they share more than eachothers native languages. Doctor Phlox takes the opportunity to hibernate, only to be rudely awakened when Mayweather needs medical treatment. Written by Meribor

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